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Judaic Studies Courses added to Cluster

30 Jul

We’re pleased to announce that several Judaic Studies courses have just been approved for the Interpreting the Past Cluster:
JST 317U Jewish History from Antiquity to the Medieval Period
JST 319U Rabbinic Culture in the Roman World
JST 324U Historical Introduction of the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament
JST 325U Retelling the Bible

Please feel contact the Judaic Studies Department for more details and the syllabus:



African Art Online Class added to spring 2014 schedule

19 Feb

We’re excited to announce that an Interpreting the Past online class was just added to the spring schedule, African Art History. We’ve not been able to offer this class in several years and were excited to find a well-regarded professor, Nicolette Trahoulia (PhD Harvard), from another university was willing to teach this course for our Portland State community:


Spring Course Info: Bible as Literature, TuTh 12

12 Mar

Dear Students,

The Bible As Lit, ENG 318U is being offered spring term on Tuesday & Thursday from 12:00-13:50.
ENG 318U is an approved Interpreting the Past cluster course for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Please contact Professor William Knight at for more information.

Thank you.

New Minor that can be combined with ItP Cluster

6 Sep

This year Portland State begins a new minor program in Medieval Studies that might combine nicely for some of you with your Interpreting the Past coursework. At this point, the minor doesn’t have its own webpage, but details can be found on page 262 of the 2011-12 PSU Bulletin:

The advisor for this new minor is John Ott (, so contact him if you have questions.

The following classes can be used for both the new Medieval Studies minor and Interpreting the Past cluster (using the current catalog year, remember some details can change), so if you’re already using some for your cluster you might consider adding the minor:
ArH 456 Early Medieval Art
ArH 457 Byzantine Art
ArH 458 Romanesque Art
ArH 459 Gothic Art
ArH 471 Italian Renaissance Art I
ENG 319 Northern European Mythology
ENG 340 Medieval Literature
FL 335 The Icelandic Sagas
FR 341 Introduction to French Literature (taught in French)
GER 341 Introduction to German Literature
(taught in German)
HST 350 English History from 1066 to 1660
HST 352 European Women’s History to 1700
HST 354 Early Medieval Europe, 300-1100
HST 355 Late Medieval Europe, 1100-1450
LAT 331 Early Medieval Civilization
PHL 302 Medieval Philosophy
SPAN 341 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
(taught in Spanish)
TA 471 Theater History: Medieval/Renaissance

Additional cluster class available this fall by petition

3 Sep

The following class can also be taken for the Cluster in Fall 2011 but would require a petition to be applied to Cluster:

ARH 407 New Approaches to Medieval Art
This seminar will serve as a workshop to research and write the materials for the spring 2012 exhibit of new Special Collections acquisitions at the Portland State Millar Library. These materials include two Quran pages, an Ethiopian Magic Scroll, an Armenian Prayer Roll, and part of a Coptic illuminated manuscript. We’ll begin with reading and discussion of recent scholarship in the field and then the rest of the seminar will be devoted to mentoring student research and writing. Please contact Prof McClanan, anne [at] for more information.